IGST Diamonds Ltd. was founded in 1989 by businessman Shmuel Leviev. Born and bred in the diamond business, Leviev began polishing stones as a child. From polishing and scoring to all aspects of jewelry design, Leviev’s expertise and creative talents are celebrated in the industry; diamonds manufactured by Leviev are distinguished for their excellence of finish and cut, which is executed with the highest level of accuracy. The result is a luxurious gem at a lucrative price.

IGST’s inventory features diamonds of all colors and sizes, from point stones to double-digit carats, and includes some of the rarest, most extravagant stones in the world. In addition, IGST offers custom jewelry designs to suit clients’ personal tastes and vision.

Through its reputation for integrity, fairness, and uncompromising quality, IGST has built extensive trade relations with companies around the world. As the center of the industry’s gravity has increasingly shifted toward India and the Far East, IGST has responded by opening diamond-polishing branches in places as far-flung as the Ukraine and the Caucasus, which significantly reduce production lines. Likewise, IGST has committed significant resources toward finding new and untapped sources for raw stones, with the aim of decreasing brokerage fees and ensuring the best possible price for the customer.

In recent years, the reins of IGST have been passed to the next generation, which has demonstrated the same degree of business acumen and diligence as the company’s founder. Indeed, like her father before her, Tehila Leviev has earned a reputation for fast, efficient, and highly professional service, all while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

By enlisting the service of the world’s premier designers, paying maximum attention to detail, and catering meticulously to the preferences of each and every customer—regardless of price—IGST excels in customer satisfaction.

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ISGT Diamonds Ltd.

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