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About us

The I.G.S.T Diamonds Ltd. Company was established in Israel in 1989 by Samuel Leviev, who was then a young and successful diamond dealer, and who is today a brand name that is linked to all branches of manufacturing, marketing and setting of diamonds.

Since its establishment IGST has been known for its reliability and professionalism in all branches of the field, and through the years IGST has developed multi branched business ties with the top professional companies around the world.

IGST excels in business and marketing, as well as setting and polishing of all types of diamonds, both white and fancy color diamonds, the latter being more complicated to polish. Everything is done with a professionalism that amazed the experts of the Israeli as well as the international bourses. And of course everything is done to meet the satisfaction of each and every customer. ISGT’s satisfied customer base continues to expand regularly and is ever loyal.

Recently, the management of the company has been transferred to the next generation and is now led by Samuel Leviev’s daughters who are successors of the success story, exceling in service, reliability and expertise in diamonds of every size, color and clarity.

As one of its new services IGST is coming towards its customers another step by making its best services available on the internet in order to reach out to the private customer too and to save him the middle-man fees while keeping to its longstanding standard of reliability and service to customers.

The IGST Company welcomes its regular customers as well as new ones and offers you unparalleled service on a worldwide scale.

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